Learning how to execute is step number one. 

Learning how the successful have achieved success in the same field is crucial to start

Learn from others mistakes





If you were like me years ago, sometimes we are stressed out about work, stressed about finances, stressed about bills, work 12 hour days to get by, etc. you might feel as if you are stuck or that this is temporary, but most of the time it is not temporary and you have to stick it out everyday and look forward to happiness only on the weekend and make your boss a crap ton of money.


This is the tornado I could not handle, the salary slave, the bitch boy that I had to get out of. I started creating my own wealth so I knew I didn't truly need a boss, if I had to quite a job because of asshole egos or because my balance in life was so F'd, I could.


This is what I have done in the past as side hustles and full time gigs to hopefully help you out as well. The Balance guide touches on most everything in lessor detail, but you'll get the hint. ENJOY!  


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