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Feeling Purpose in Life is Crucial to happiness, Embrace it and Enhance it. 

  • Met My Beautiful wife in 2013 while in College. In Early 2016 we had our first amazing and adorable little girl. 

  • Getting Married this Year

Started lifting in 2009 about 3-6 times a week.

  • 9 yr stats: Present 27 year old, 200lbs, 5'9. Bench 335 lbs x 3 Max. Squat 350 lbs x 3, Deadlift 315 x 5 Max

  • Proudly Never Took Steroids or Testosterone Enhancers. Only some Protein, Caffeine, & Tried Creatine for a Week

Started golfing in 2005 and golf as much as possible (Weather and Wife Permitting.)

  • 13 yr stats: Present 27 year old, Drive 380+ Yards, AVG: 80 strokes (More Self Discipline) 

  • Clubs: Titleist AP1 irons, Titleist 917D2, & Scotty Cameron Newport, Krank 4 degree driver, Vice Balls

Fairly New at Shooting bows and guns starting in 2016. Try to go at least Once a Week.

  • Started out Fucking Terrible, I didn't even know I was Left Eye Dominant until around 2017 when I shot a bow. Ha

  • Bow: PSE Stinger, Rifle: AR-15, Handgun: Glock 22

Not Very Competitive, but always played since 2004 when I was 13 years old.

  • Was told I was fun to watch...I liked to Hit people and be a big fat meany head for some reason. Made it fun.

  • Favorite Brand: Bauer. Position: Offense. FAVORITE NHL TEAM: The Colorado AVALANCHE

Classically trained and only been playing by ear since 2000 when I was 9 years old.

  • Can Play Mostly everything I hear and watch. Figured out patterns and chords. 

  • Piano: Casio Privia (Middle Class weighted piano) and Yamaha Baby Grand, Favorite Piano: Stuart & Sons. 

Started Baseball in 1996 when I was 5 at Tee-Ball and "Retired" when I was 21 years old

  • High School All Conference Starting Catcher. 16 yr stats: College NCBA National Champs Starting Catcher- CSU

  • Position: Catcher. Hit: Right. Throw: Right. AVG: .300. Hit the Piss out the Ball

Started Ping Pong in 2005 when I was 14, Played club ping pong in College. For Reals.. 

  • Best Memory: beating the Owner of a ping pong themed bar in Denver and getting kicked out cause he was mad.  

  • Skills: Serve and Spin

Bought my first motorcycle when I was 19 years old and fell in love.

  • Stats: First Bike was a used GSX650F. Current Bike: Yamaha V-star cruiser.

  • Hints: First step is to take a day long class, Second Step is to test drive, third is to get your license.

Started Drawing and Painting since I was probably 1 years old.

  • Was featured in a magazine in first grade for one of my art pieces. I really enjoy drawing and painting.

  • Style: Acrylic & Pencil 

I've been competitive bowling since I was old enough to hold a bowling ball.

  • I bowled a 300 this year, do I have to explain more? 

  • Style: Two finger, Two hand, Spin

I've been managing restaurants since I was 17

  • I have a bachelors in Hospitality Management and Business

  • I have managed mom and pop places, full service, corporate, etc.

Remember that these are my hobbies and just the tips I have learned from experts. People who are lucky enough to do these for a living. Don't use my word as I'm an expert and don't think I am sharing this information to brag or to tell you that all of these will make you happy. I am very competitive and a personality type to be good at everything, because life is short and I want to experience everything. There is something to learn from every hobby you try.