1. ping pong


2. Has so much Opportunity and is not Respected enough

- You can lose a game if you lose 3 points very quickly. So you have to learn how to finely tune all your skills at ping pong and become more consistent. 

  • Practice makes you better, and remember to have fun while playing.

3. Serves

- Has to be thrown up in the air first and served.

  • Usually gives that player an advantage by being able to control how much spin and speed is on the ball in the beginning. Learn a good controlled spin to be better at ping pong. 

4. Backhand

- Usually used for a good backspin and defensive shot.

  • Some of the best players in the game have the best backhand shots. 

5. Forehand 

- Usually used for good topspin and offensive slam. 

  • Forehand is where you truly impress the spectators. I like to compare my forehand shot my "drive" in golf. People are impressed and enjoy when I land a perfectly placed SMASH.

  • If you want to play like Forrest Gump, you have to practice like Forrest Gump. Consistency comes with practice, Skill comes with competition. 

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