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I personally do not like the food pyramid or the food plate as I feel like I have NEVER followed what general idea they have.

The Stop, slow-down, go method is way more functional.

Sugars and processed foods are terrible for you, but addicting. So realistically, eat only 10% or below of your diet with this.

Macros is the best functional and easy way to balance your diet. This is:

- The scary Fats

- The scary Carbs (modern idea)

- And the always raved Proteins

Like I mentioned in my paid fitness class with these "cards" it just depends on what results you want to "unbalance" the three, but achieving the overall same goal, to look and feel good.

There are always two options in life and with food this is: either it is bad for you or good for you.

Eating earth foods is the best route and should be 50% of your diet... or 90% of your diet if you can create a diet around all earth food macros. Unfortunately, pasta is not grown from trees or same with bread, but did you know cauliflower & broccoli have carbs that will sustain your energy levels?

Moral of the story, follow this guideline to have the most simple and realistic approach to dieting for us normal folk.

Think if this replaced those stupid pyramids and plates... The Stop, Slow-Down, Go method!

Check out in more detail by purchasing our fitness class or by accessing the free details here on how to implement this healthy living trend TODAY!


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