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Shooting and what basics should you know before even shooting Anything

I am far from an expert when it comes to shooting a gun or bow, but I love practicing it and this will state everything I felt uncomfortable with when first starting.

I didn't grow up shooting guns or anything, so it took me a while to get into it. I had to learn the "simple things" from videos online that are common sense to me now and buy a gun, but if you're like me and weren't born into shooting then it might seem confusing as well.

1. Weapon Safety

- Obviously this is the biggest and most important thing to learn before even being around weapons. Know where the safety is, how to use it, how to disarm the weapon, and always keeping the weapon pointed down range are the main ones.

2. Dominate Eye

- I felt so stupid finding out I was left eye dominate 2 years into shooting. I thought I just sucked at shooting because I'm right handed, I assumed I was right eye dominate and had to shoot a right handed bow even. This was not the case. One way to test yourself is with both eyes open put your finger over where your target it. Close each eye and notice the eye that moves the most is your least dominate eye.

3. Knowing the Law

- Learning what the government has in place is very important. Knowing what the hunting requirements are before hunting is huge and can always be monitored on your local government hunting websites. Also, learning your concealing laws and how to store your weapon in your car is very important to learn before moving around with it. Be Smart!


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