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The Feeling of Belonging - Why loving yourself can help you love your family and friends more

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Hanging out with family and friends can give you the sense of belonging and is in our DNA to do it well. We are all preconditioned to build a community around us (a tribe) to compliment our talents and help build each other. When catching yourself saying "I'm a homebody or don't like to be around people", know that is most likely an excuse to be lazy. Enjoy the people you surround yourself with.

1. Understanding your purpose and priorities is crucial to Loving others

- Becoming a good leader starts by caring to practice it, becoming a good example, and improving it.

I love having a purpose and sometimes it gives me an ego that I fight balancing. What I mean is I get sometimes too confident and comfortable in my own skin that I start snarling at people like I'm better, which I am 100% not. I want to leave behind everything positive that I have learned throughout my life and what has shaped me throughout my life to motivate others, that I actually get stressed out by, thinking that I don't have enough time to do so. This becomes a problem to myself and to others around me. I'm speaking mainly leaving enough behind to help my children balance their lives out when life gets hard.

With fighting my ego I found my best quality of humbling myself and not being naive. Being confident in my own skin and smartness helps me always shape a smile while balancing it out. ​

2. Why and How I have a Wifey

- I became someone appealing, someone exciting, I understood my significant other, and committed myself.

Always just try your best, as trying your best is something you can control. Sometimes you just can't avoid things and can't control the outcome, but practice helps get closer to it and try again.

Just like business, knowing the failures will highlight your flaws, and quitters will always feel defeated. Humbling yourself to accept change and adapting is one of the best thing you could do for yourself.

​Be someone who you want to be with: Value for Value.

3. Children (If you don't have them, you can skip this part) ha

- I hate saying this because I hate hearing it, but truly I feel like the meaning of life is having kids and sharing your knowledge to them. Don't take this gift for granted and know that you are not the bigger picture anymore when having kids.

The best role models are the ones who are good parents. A good parent is opinion and culture based, but the ones who are trying hard to be a good one are the ones who inspire me to be better. This takes skill just like building a lifestyle around balancing your life. Being a good parent can be translated into any leadership role however where you have to lead people into the right direction. Just light a fire under your butt to be yourself and the best you can be.

​4. Friends

- Surround yourself with successful people (people who care), trustworthy people, and interesting people.

Friends are the people who make you sane when life gets hard and are the people you can reach out to when change gets hard.  There is a saying that says to hang out with 1/3 of the people who you look up to as mentors, 1/3 of people should be on the same grind as you, and 1/3 should look up to you for guidance. Once you find all three, you will feel complete and damn did I not understand this until I was older and a lot more wise.

Remember that support comes in many different forms.

- Do things unconditionally and don't look for things in return.

- Don't try to impress your friends by not being yourself.

- Don't be a jealous friend, always support.

BONUS: Loving others around you and accepting peoples differences and becoming aware of the whole truth is understanding both relative truths to people and to their story. Genuinely listening and genuinely giving people a chance without judgment is how you will get the most out of every conversation you have.


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