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TOP 5 Marketing Fails When Trying to Market Yourself​

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

1. Boosting on the Front End of Facebook:

When Boosting Posts and creating engagement with people on Facebook, you want to be creative in how you directly market specific people on the back end, not on the front end. Engage loyal people to your brand, not just everyone on social media platforms. 

For example: If you want to perform a marketing campaign for more catering interests for specifically hospital staff then you can market specifically to hospital staff and pharmaceutical sales people. 

​2. No Rare or Unique "Wow" Content:

Understanding the world we live in these days is to understand how much content we actually process when going online. Our brains are filtering out all the "Normal" content (boring) and only stimulated by the unique and viral stuff (interesting).

For example: A t-shirt company showing a t-shirt opposed to showing how the shirt is made by a locally sourced company with very specific amazing material.

3. Not Outsourcing a Marketing Team:

Paying a few hundreds or thousands of dollars is worth it when there is no risk, but high reward. I know this might seem skewed, but talking to more and more clients I have realized that across the board this is a hard topic for all business owners to tackle. Within the industry of tech marketing it can be easy to walk the walk, but performing results speak for themselves. I have helped clients sell 1,000 of units in a day profiting over $43,569 in just one $100 campaign and I would think this was BS if I didn't see it for myself. Business owners don't have time to learn everything, but to trust and move forward. 

4. Not Running Strong Campaigns:

Running campaigns is huge when trying to gain tractions in the business world and staying relevant. Creating engaging headlines to draw attention to your business is a unique task you have to put a lot of thought into. Does the headline get people excited and want to read more? Use these tools to create an email list, direct sales, or even brand awareness with engagement.

5. No Brand Story or Exciting Website:

Do people even know who they are investing in and what the mission of your company is? Do people get excited to purchase stuff from you? All this information about your company and why you go into business should be on your landing page and easily accessible to your customers. What is your call to action? Do you have a beautiful website that is affective? 

This is everything we can do for you if you need more help or at least understand about your business.

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